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Schedule Your Free Consultation

Schedule with Us Use the calendar to find 45 minutes that work best for you.

General Info

General Info  Complete this short questionnaire prior to your free consultation.

Simple Financial

Simple Financial Statement Complete our simple (we promise!) financial statement prior to your free consultation.

New Client Onboarding

Meeting 1: Get Organized


Family Info Form Tell us about those most important to you and all of your relevant data.


Document Checklist View or download our comprehensive document checklist.


Secure Portal Login to your private Document Upload Portal to share documents securely.

Meeting 2: Cash Flow & Benefits


Reflections on Accomplishments & Meaning Complete this short, reflective exercise prior to your Cash Flow meeting.


Cash Flow No more “budgeting”! Start to track your income and expenses in a guilt-free way.

Meeting 3: Vision & Values


Personal Values Complete our Personal Values exercise prior to your Start with Why meeting.


Your Ideal Wheel Dream big and complete this clarifying exercise regarding your values, priorities and life goals.


Impact Persona Assessment Discover your unique impact persona.

Meeting 4: Impact Investing


Risk Tolerance Questionnaire Complete your personal risk assessment here.


Uniting Your Goals & Values Build on your Goals Brainstorm and start to connect your personal goals with your values, priorites and assets (energy, time & money) .

Meeting 5: Tax Planning


Your Vault Be sure to upload your recent tax returns and pay stubs so we can review both the past year returns and upcoming projections.

Meeting 6: Long-Term Foundation


Your Plan Review the details of your long-term goal planning from travel and college planning to retirement and health planning.

Meeting 7: Estate Planning & Insurance


Your Plan Make a plan to protect your loved ones, and be sure to list your beneficiaries properly. We’ll help guide you!

Floating Meeting: Benefits Review


Upload your Benefits Guide Whether it be open enrollment with your current employer, or with your private (or public!) healthcare – or you want to compare your plan with your partner’s, we’ll help you pick the right benefits package for you this coming year.

Floating Meeting: Legacy Planning


Design Your Legacy Let’s talk about charitable giving and building your personal and family legacy.

Client Hub

Schedule Your Next Meeting

TriAnnual Planning Meeting Find the best time for your next virtual meeting.

Office Hours For topics that warrant more than an email and less than a full meeting. Office hours are open to multiple attendees at the same time.

Your Current Tasks

View My Tasks Track your progress and keep up to date with your tasks and recommendations.

Your Document Vault

Secure Vault Upload all of your documents, or view and download our recommendations.

Your Plan

Right Capital Review the details of your financial plan including recommendations and next steps in Right Capital.

First Step Enter your income and expenses and start to build a forward thinking budget.

Impact Take our impact assessment and review the impact of your current portfolio.

Your Money

Altruist See your holdings, investment performance and download quarterly statements.

Schwab See your holdings, investment performance and download quarterly statements.

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