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Dig a little deeper into popular planning topics during our quarterly live webinar series, or watch the archives:

Budgeting for Irregular Income

Learn how to plan for and use your bonus, production or commission payments without blowing your budget.

Date TBD

Sustainable Investing 101

Get the basics and begin changing the impact of your investments.

Date TBD

Buying Your First Home

From dreaming to closing – find out everything you’ll need to know about making one of the largest purchases of your life!

Date TBD

Starting a Business

Have an idea and want to build it? Here’s what you need to consider as you start your business.

Date TBD

Understanding Your Stock Options

Employee Stock Purchas Plans, Restricted Stock Units, Stock Options, and more – find out the tax impact and what choices you need to make now.

Date TBD

Conversation Circles for Women+

Change the conversation about money and your life. Gather with us quarterly as we talk collaboratively and authentically about important and meaningful topics to you. This is a space where women+ can encourage, challenge, and support each other—it’s personal finance beyond the numbers. Some example topics include:

Discovering Your Money Story

We all have stories we tell ourselves, that we grew up with, or have built for ourselves—either consciously or unconsciously. Here we can explore the stories we tell ourselves: which ones are helpful? which ones are hindering us? Are there any stories you’d like to rewrite?

Coming Q1 2023

How To Have Hard Money Conversations With Loved Ones

You may be expecting it, or you may not see it coming. Explore how to help friends and family by having authentic conversations with them about money. Build your toolkit and share your experiences to learn from each other.

Coming Q2 2023

How Much Is Enough?

We all have different answers to how much is enough. It can depend on your circumstances, your vision for the future, and where you’re coming from. Here we discuss what the elements are that help us define our personal “enough” and ways to build a life of abundance.

Coming Q3 2023

What’s Your Worth? Advocating for Ourselves

Whether it’s a conversation with a loved one, or negotiating for a new job or promotion, it’s always easier to advocate for someone else. Let’s discuss strategies you can use to advocate for yourself – and ways that you already bring value even if, and especially when it’s not financially quantifiable.

Coming Q4 2023

Volunteer Days

Join us for our virtual volunteer days and be part of the change you want to see in your community. We have many ways to get involved.

Spring Tree Planting

Annual Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. Use and develop your green thumb to help your community.

Spring 2023

Meet with Elected Representatives

Take an important step by building a relationship with your local elected representatives.


Girls and STEM

Help girls with the M in STEM – our partner programs are always looking for long-term math mentors.


If you have a particular interest or would like to help lead a new initiative, please contact us!

Appreciation Events

We want to celebrate all the good you’re doing, and thank you for joining us on this journey!

Annual Appreciation

Learn from an expert about your [new] favorite wine, or take a cooking class all from the comfort of your home. Events change every year!

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Costume Spooktacular

Have fun with one of the year’s best holidays! Share your costume with other members and compete for prizes.

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