Success Story:* Busy Student Adventurer

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Age: 24
Marital Status: Single, No dependents



  • Plan to pay off student loan debt.
  • Budget for savings, travel, and first home.
  • Start investing in a retirement plan at work.
  • Figure out how much she can donate to environmental organizations.


Meghann is a pediatric resident at the U, earning a limited income for the next few years as she finishes her education. She likes adventure traveling and volunteering with a local eco-tourism organization. She wants to create a plan that will last through her residency that puts her in a good position to save and give back now while paying off her debts in the right way and having enough to buy her first home once she graduates.


  • Limited time to manage her own finances.
  • No plan to follow to accomplish her goals.
  • Other firms won’t talk to her because she doesn’t have enough investable assets to hit their minimum.

How Rising Financial helped Meghann:

Using the limited residency membership plan, we started by organizing Meghann’s finances and built a plan that reflected her goals and values that would last her the next 3 years of residency. This plan included a few key elements:

  • A cash flow and budget plan that set aside dollars for vacation, a house fund, and even some to spend today (and feel good about it!).
  • An emergency savings account.
  • A student loan debt forgiveness and paydown plan to save interest over time.
  • An investment plan that is large enough to qualify for her employer matching program, focused on investments that Meghann feels great about.
  • A review of taxes and strategies that she can implement now to save her real dollars over her lifetime.

We’ll meet with Meghann once a year during her residency to help her stay on track, then once she graduates and enters the workforce, we can modify her plan as her income and net worth grows.


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